Encouragement For Singles

Dear Single Sister: Happy Holidays


Don’t you just love the holidays?
The beautiful Christmas decorations, the cool though dusty weather, the excitement in the air (for some of us), the love in the air (not just romantically now), people tend to be more loving, giving and sharing during Christmas, it’s usually a beautiful time, lots of activities for those that like going out and the power supply is usually good for those of us that choose to remain indoors and of course you get to spend time with family and friends and that’s where I or some of us usually have a hitch.
I promise, I love my family and friends but those questions and those counsels (sought and unsought),phew! If your family or friends are anything like mine, perhaps you can relate, they’ll  be like;
“How far now?”
“Is there somebody now?”
“How is he?”
“When are we eating your rice?”
“When are you inviting us?”
Depending on your response, (mine is usually ‘the look’ or ‘giving them the hmm (s) and smiling’), you may now get counsels or even prayers and if you are like me, you’ll hear things like;
“Try making your hair.”
“You should go out more.”
“Wear more make up.”
“Don’t be too picky.”
“Women are like flowers…”
“God will do it.”
“Next year is your year.”
Phew! Can we just celebrate the Lord? Please? It’s all about Jesus not about my being ‘baeless’. Thank you.
Lol, I guess you can relate (I can’t be the only one.)

(Dear family and friends, in case you are reading this, we know you care and oh, we appreciate it but can we go easy on the questions, please? We are just single, not even in a courtship yet, so why do the questions keep coming like we are in a court room or something, almost like being single is a crime these days.)
Darling, I just want to encourage you to have a happy holiday, ‘baed’ or not.
Don’t be depressed because you are alone this season, yea, it’d be nice to have someone to celebrate with and do all the nice holiday things with but hey, you don’t have to have someone before you can have a nice time.
Go on and do something nice for yourself. Make your hair (perhaps try something new like cutting your hair). Get your nails done. Buy a new dress or new pair of shoes or both. Try a new recipe. Fix a date with Jesus. Write Him a love letter. Tell someone about His love. Volunteer if you have an opportunity. Decorate your house or just your door (like I did last year, lol) or your computer (like I did this year, I gave it red and green theme, lovely).  Get some nice Christmas songs. Do something nice for someone. Spend time with family and friends, yea I know, the questions and talks; I guess we just have to deal with it.
Be happy girl because ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la …’

Ok, seriously. This is the season when God came to show and prove His love to you, He’s so in love with you, He chose to be born and then die for you even when you didn’t know Him. He chose to pursue you.
Girl!!! That’s everything. See how special you are? (Yea, I see you smiling)
You are special and loved, beautiful.
Reflecting on Jesus’ birth and its purpose should further strengthen your resolve to wait for the right one that will love you like Jesus, like father like son, you know I’m about that movement, lol, but yea, it’s worth it.
Daughter of God, you are unconditionally loved, so give no room to the blues this holiday, be joyful and celebrate Jesus and be reminded of your worth, for the King of Kings, God Himself, came for you.

You are loved, you are never alone and you are complete in Christ.

Happy holidays.
God bless you.



6 thoughts on “Dear Single Sister: Happy Holidays

  1. I guess this is for the girls… Erm.. I mean singles.
    All well and good, just an addition to what has been said (Thanks Sherie for the write-up :-)).. revisit places you have played too hard to get, soften a little bit on yaself, relax the muscles you might have vexed and let the new season usher in another new you. It’s Christ working in you both to will and do of his good pleasure, let that be your standard and enjoy the holiday. *winks*


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