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#WIFE: Encouragement For The Single Girl, From The Christmas Story

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2018’s Christmas day has come and gone but here’s some encouragement from the Christmas story, to keep you going.

We know the story, how the angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her what God had said, that she was going to have baby Jesus… (Luke 1:26-38 CEV), but let’s see (and hopefully be encouraged) by how she responded in Luke 1:34 & 38 quoted below, respectively;

Mary asked the angel, “How can this happen? I am not married!”

Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant! Let it happen as you have said.”

Mary was single. Errm, no Sherie, she was engaged.

Errm, no sis, she was single, she even said it herself in verse 34 quoted above, she said, “I’m not married”.

Girl, if you are not married, you are single. Dating/Courting? Single. Engaged? Single.

Mary was single at the time she was told she was going to have Jesus and the only time she brought it up, the only time she brought up her singleness in her conversation with angel Gabriel, was when she was told the nature of what God wanted her to do. Perhaps, she thought, how could she have a baby, when she wasn’t married, won’t she have to have sex to have a baby and sex has to be in the context of marriage, with her husband? (Oh Mary, fine girl with sense.)

That was the only time she brought it up and when the angel told her that God’s got it all worked out because you see, “nothing is impossible for God” (Luke 1:37), she was like, alright, I’m God’s servant, let His will be done.

Hmm. I wonder, if she had insisted that she wasn’t married and hence didn’t or couldn’t fit God’s plan, would she be the one we know as Jesus’ mother today?

Will she be the one would be asking, ” Mary, did you know that your baby boy…?” (Meanwhile guys, considering that we’ve sang that song for years now, I guess Mary knows by now, so… Lol…)

What I’m trying to make you see here sis, is this;

You don’t have to be married to have a purpose.

You don’t have to be married to be part of God’s plan.

You don’t have to be married to fulfill/reach purpose.

You don’t have to be married to do all the great things God’s got lined up for you to do.

You don’t have to be married for God to use you.

Come on, girl!

It’s interesting that we celebrate Jesus’ birth, just before a new year, that to me is like another reminder, that He came to make things new, to give us life, to give us so many second chances, to start over, where necessary.

Sweet girl, will you do like Mary and say, God, I’m your daughter, your servant, let your will be done in my life whether single or married, help me surrender to your plans, help me not to put/to stop putting my life on hold because I’m single, help me to live, to be a blessing to others, for your glory?

You don’t have to wait till January 1st to this, you can decide now and continue.

I know it can be hard, I know we have our good, bad and just ugly days but you are not alone, you’ve got help. Angel Gabriel may not be there telling you not to be afraid, but God’s word tell us that repeatedly, to not fear, it tells us that He’s with us, that we are not alone, we are not without help, we’ve got His Holy Spirit, it tells us that God is faithful.

You are so loved girl, Jesus came for you.

Don’t let the wait make you doubt your worth.

You’ve got God and He’s got you, you will be fine.

The year may be ending without you having some things you thought you’d have by now but I pray it won’t end without you and you will see the goodness of God in the land of the living, in Jesus name, Amen.

Trust that what you didn’t get this year, you weren’t supposed to get this year and see it this way, now, you are a year closer… perhaps, even a day.

Thank you for being our friend here, we love and appreciate you so much and we are excited for all the wonderful things that God has in store for you. ❤

Happy New Year In Advance!

Be encouraged.

PS: A man like Joseph, Mary’s boo, is the kind of man you want to settle for, a man who submits to God, that kind of man is worth the wait.

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Christmas Reminder

Merry Christmas.jpg

First of all, Merry Christmas y’all!!! With all my love  & all my hugs.

We thank God for loving us so much, He sent Jesus.

We celebrate that Jesus came, gave His life to give us abundant life.

And Dear Single Girl;

Let this Christmas be a reminder that Jesus did not come to give His life, for you not to have a happy life till you are someone’s wife.

Merry Christmas! ❤

Encouragement For Singles

#WIFE: Don’t Be Boring

Dont Be Boring Because You Are Single.jpeg

Happy Wednesday!

On today’s episode of our #WIFE (Wednesday Is For Encouragement) posts (which we’ve been slacking off on for a while now, sigh!), we just want to say to you, dear single sister;

Don’t be a boring somebody just because you haven’t got somebody.

OK girl?

Because, as we say here, you don’t have to have a life partner to enjoy your life, you just need to partner with ‘The Life’ (Jesus).

So, come on girl.

No one enjoys boring, that’s why it’s called boring. Mm hmm!

Say to yourself, “I will not be boring”.

Go on and share this with a single gal, to tell her, “Girl, don’t be boring”.

Live. Be. Do. Grow. Give. Learn. Love. Serve. Live.

Be encouraged.

PS: Our #WIFE posts are coming back, stronger and better.

Do, stay tuned.  Thank you. ❤

Encouragement For Singles

16 Quotes To Remind You That Being Single Is Not A Death Sentence

Phew! Long post title!

Lol, I know, I know, the title’s long but the post is oh, so worth it.

Okay, so I agree, I guess we all agree, that being single can be hard (at times), yes, but it’s not a death sentence.

If the single life is the life you have (for) now, then please live it, don’t put it hold, saying when you get a man, your life will begin.

Begin to see singleness as preparation, perhaps protection (you may not be as ready for marriage as you think you are, God knows better), not as a punishment, because it’s not.

You are not single because you’ve done something wrong or because something is wrong with you.

“So, why am I still single then”, you may ask.

Well, I don’t know. I wish I could answer that for myself too, but I can’t and that’s okay.

I simply don’t know why or for how much longer but I know this, that God is good, He loves, He’s got me, He’s plans are way better than mine and I can trust Him.

I also know that, the life I have now, even if it doesn’t include a husband yet, can be enjoyed and lived to fullest regardless, because God’s sorted that out, long ago.

I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). – Jesus (John 10:10 AMPC)

So, first and most importantly, I have Jesus, the One who gives life and because I have Him, I can enjoy life, that may include having a husband but even if it doesn’t include it (yet), I can still enjoy the life I have, because I have Jesus.

Here are 16 quotes to remind you of this truth;

1. What better way to remind you that being single is not a death sentence than a quote that says exactly that.

Singles-Live-Your-Life. (1)

2. Neither is it a burial ground. Oh, the things you can do with this time.

Singles-Live-Your-Life. (2)


3. Miss Sunshine is doing something right, be like Miss Sunshine.


4. Or whatever colour you want to wear on your wedding day.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (4)

5. Sparkle & shine girl.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (5)

6. Got Jesus?

Singles-Live-Your-Life (6)

7. Get Jesus.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (7)

8. Enjoy where you are, on the way to where you want to be.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (8)

9. You can be happy even right now.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (9)


10. Stay in a relationship with happiness, single or not.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (10)


11. I guess this one speaks for itself.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (11)


12. Stop waiting for a man to make you what Jesus has already made you.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (12)


13. There’s so much more to life than just getting married.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (13)


14. Being a ‘miss’ doesn’t mean you should miss out on life.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (14)


15. Go, go, go girl.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (15)


16. This is what S-I-N-G-L-E should mean to you.

Singles-Live-Your-Life (16)


All of this is to say, please live your life, dear sweet single friend.

Don’t wait to get a man before you get a life, get a life and go for a man who gets it.

Be. Do. Go. Grow. Give. Learn. Serve. Share. Try.


Be encouraged.

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Ready, Set… Wait?

Ready Set Wait

I was listening to a message yesterday and this though crossed my mind;

You are probably still waiting because, though you may be ready, but there may be other things that also need to be ready, that aren’t.

I just wrote it down and kinda forgot about it.

This morning, on my way to work, we were at an intersection, waiting  for the traffic light to turn green, when it did, the traffic warden there, signaled to us to not move because there was a traffic jam on the side we were to go, so even if we moved, we’d just be stuck and may end up blocking other cars that can freely move to other lanes.

Even though the light was green, we had to wait for the other side to be a bit free. Drivers at the back kept honking, perhaps because they could see the green light but didn’t understand why we were not moving…

One car beside the bus I was in, wouldn’t stop honking, I turned and gave him the look like, can’t you see the front, then the thought came to my mind again.

Sometimes, you are ready but other things that need to be ready to make your ride smooth, aren’t, so you may need to wait a little more.

You can’t see the front (what lies ahead) but God can, so trust Him.

Dear you who feels ready but still waiting, be encouraged.

Encouragement For Singles

It’s About Staying In Tune, Not Immune

SherieHabeeb (2).jpg

The other day, I cried real tears because I couldn’t fix my gas cylinder after refilling it and I was very hungry. (Don’t laugh)

“If I had a husband now, shey he would have helped me”, I would mutter, as I cried, then I started praying (it’s something I’ve learned to default to when I get frustrated). I was so engrossed in the pity party I had thrown  for myself, I didn’t even realize it had somehow been fixed, I ended up having a good laugh at myself. Sigh.

I bet all of us can tell stories of times we didn’t (don’t) particularly enjoy being single.

I love to encourage singles not because I’m immune to the challenges we singles sometimes face, but by God’s grace, I’m learning to be in tune with God’s plan for me. It’s more of a comforting with the comfort with which I’m comforted kinda thing.

As someone rightly said, “sometimes we make plans, sometimes we surrender to plans.”

What plans have you made that you need to surrender?

Where do you need to get in tune with God and surrender to His plans?

Who are you looking at and feel your life should be like theirs, that you are not taking hold of the life God has for you?

Perhaps, it’s time you stop comparing your life with others and start cooperating with God and His plans for you. He says, He will perfect all that concerns you, not all that concerns someone else that you are concerning yourself with.

Just because it happened for someone at a particular time, doesn’t mean it has to happen for you at that time or it won’t happen for you after that time.

Their timeline is not your deadline.

Not all of us will have our lives all figured out at 30.

Not all of us will get married at 25.

Not all of us will be done having kids at 32.

Not all of us would have started the business or be working our dream jobs at 28.

Not all of us will (insert something you desire and thought would have happened by now.)

Just because it hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Please understand this, that something you desire, happens for someone else at a particular time, doesn’t mean it expires for you at that time, in other words, that someone got married (for example) at 25, doesn’t mean marriage expires  for you at 25. It doesn’t.

It will happen when God says it will happen and you will be fine.

Yes, it gets hard and there are times we get weak, but know that;

It’s okay to have a  Father-please-remove-this-cup-from-me moment, but I pray you always get to the nevertheless-not-my-will-but-Yours point and keep going.

It’s not about getting immune to what or how you feel, it’s about staying in tune with God regardless, depending, relying and trusting Him, knowing that His strength is made perfect in your weakness and that His grace is available and sufficient.

Be encouraged.