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Trust His Blueprint


If only from the starting point,

we learn to see things from God’s view-point,

and make it our focal point,


we would avoid these relationships that are disjointed

and leave us disappointed.

There’s a blueprint,

time appointed,

one anointed,

that fits His intended end point

for you,

but more often than not,

it takes a breaking point,

for us to reach a turning point,

where we eventually get the point

and see the need

to work with Him.

You can trust His blueprint

for you,

it’s on point.

*Image from pixabay.com


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Look how she’s grown.


Look how she’s grown,

from the pain in which sheΒ  groaned,

the pain of you walking out,

from that pain, did lessons sprout,

lessons that fostered growth.

See her smile,

over what once brought her tears,

Oh, then she cried so much

to have you back,

in the face of fears

of being alone.

Oh, the pains.

But oh, the lessons.

Having you back now

will only take her back,

and she ain’t going that way.

Look how she’s grown,

from struggling to hold on tight,

to letting go without much struggle,

choosing to make room for lessons instead,

letting them dwell in pain’s stead,

she’s learned to travel light,

as she moves on.

Oh, look how she’s grown.