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Other things you can pray about for me apart from a husband (Birthday prayer guide)

birthdaySo, on my birthday last year, a lot of people sent kind wishes and prayers which was very sweet and greatly appreciated, the thing though is that, the prayers for a husband for me, had  the highest votes, the highest, as in I got more “the Lord will send him” than “May you live long and prosper”, but why?

Anyways, it’s my birthday in 3 days (yay!), so I thought to share a list of some other things you can pray about for me to give you more options when praying for me this time, sweet of me, right?

I know, you are welcome. 🙂

Please, this is not an anti marriage post, I’m not anti marriage, I do want a husband, I pray for and I’m waiting on God expectantly for mine, but then there are other things, just because someone is single doesn’t mean all they need is a husband, like I said, there are other things, here’s some of mine (this is a serious list);

  • A new television.
  • A generator – no comments on this please, just pray, thank you.
  • A new phone – Oh Jehovah Jireh.
  • Money, good money, lots of it.
  • Help – Pray it like this, say, “Father, let Sherie find the help she needs as she looks to you.”
  • Hair growth – my front hair especially aka my edges, no, I’m not planning to start making my hair, I just want my short hair fuller, please pray.
  • Deliverance from acne – for crying out loud, I’m turning 30 and I still have pimples like a teenager, perhaps one is trapped in me or is it my daughter? Maybe when I have her and she becomes a teenager, I’ll stop having pimples, I don’t even know what I’m saying, please just pray people.
  • Blog growth – more visitors, more readers, more traffic.
  • My family – yea, its okay to pray for them for me, on my birthday.
  • Peace, prosperity, safety & security in Nigeria – its okay too.

I’ll stop here, so it doesn’t look like we’re turning the birthday into some kind of revival but you see, so many others things to pray about.

Oh, one more thing, a car, rain don too beat me for this Lagos.

We trust God to hear and answer our prayers in Jesus name, Amen.



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