Encouragement For Everyone

#WIFE: Small Potatoes

good times (2).jpg

It’s Wednesday and Wednesday is for?




Thank you. 🙂

Hard times, don’t we all have them sometimes?

Imagine my excitement when I read in the bible that these hard times (name it) are small potatoes, small potatoes compared to the coming good times. Wow!

Good times are coming, so you can’t give up now.

This too, whatever it is, shall pass, better days are up ahead, so you’ve got to keep going, you’ve come this far, you can’t stop now, you can’t let these small potatoes stop you, whatever difficulty you may be facing, can’t last forever.

Be strong, stay hopeful, good times are coming.

Can we say it together?


Yes. That’s it. You go girl!

Be encouraged.

Happy Wednesday!


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