Encouragement For Singles

#WIFE: Well Done For Not Settling

No settlingHappy New Month!

So last month, last week Wednesday precisely, #WIFE went live (I just like saying it like that ­čÖé ), yea, so it did and in case you are just hearing about it, #WIFE stands for Wednesday Is For Encouragement, by God’s grace every Wednesday, you can find something encouraging here, especially for the single ladies

Today, I just want to say well done for making it through the month of  June without settling, well done sis, shabash!

Haven’t settled for first half of the year? Double well done! Some of us have,┬á thankfully, we didn’t stay settling. Choosing not to settle is not an easy feat, you should be very proud of yourself.

Dont settle

Look at you knowing what you want and holding out for it, refusing to settle for less than God’s best for you, refusing to be with just anybody just to claim somebody,┬árefusing to edit happiness out of your life just to accommodate someone, refusing to deal with one who doesn’t recognize or appreciate your worth, refusing to settle for games, projects & potential without progress, refusing to subtract for one who can not add, not because you’re being too picky or you have unrealistic standards or anything else but because you know your worth, you know who and whose you are, what you want and deserve and Who you are waiting on. Cheers to knowing your worth. You go girl!

I’m sure God’s proud of you too, for choosing to trust Him. No doubt, waiting can be hard, the temptation to settle can be seemingly irresistible, when it seems like you are being left out, coupled with pressures and whatnot but you are doing good, don’t stop getting better and keep not settling, you don’t have to settle with one you are not down with, just because you want to settle down.


Remember, you’ve got this girl, because God’s got you and He says “…they shall not be put to shame who wait for, look for, hope for, and expect Me.” (Isaiah 49:23c)

Be encouraged.


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