Encouragement For Everyone

When God is involved, what can’t be resolved?

God involved.jpg

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

The Lord who parted the red sea when the Israelites thought they were at a dead-end.

The Lord who kept Noah and his family alive in a flood that destroyed the whole world.

The Lord who gave a couple a child in their old age.

The Lord who caused a virgin to be with child.

The Lord who made and still makes barren women to be joyful mothers of children.

The Lord who restored everything that Job lost with so much more.

The Lord who fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes and there were leftovers.

The Lord who speaks to the storm and it obeys.

The Lord who walked upon the sea.

The Lord who raised a four-day old dead man.

The Lord who opens blind eyes & deaf ears, heals the sick.

The Lord who saves us.

The Lord who has done, does and will keep doing wonderful works.

The Lord who was, is and is to come.

Is there any situation He can’t turn around?

Is there anything He can’t do? (Think about it for a moment.)

Is there anything really? Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.

Have faith.

Trust God.

Be encouraged.


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