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Tips to help hack the harmattan.

Harmattan hacks.jpeg

Why is this thing underlining harmattan and giving me suggestions like Manhattan?

Happy harmattan season everyone (if you are in Nigeria).

Everywhere is cold, dry and dusty as expected in this season.

It’s actually some people’s favorite season and for some, not so much, I’m somewhere in the middle.

I kind of like the cold, not sweating much, I enjoy doing laundry this season and I enjoy my oily face a lot in this season too but the dust and my OCD don’t get along.

So how are you coping with the harmattan?

Just thought to share some tips to help hack it;

  1.  Cover up properly, wear this weather’s friendly clothes.
  2. Cream your body properly after bathing, so you don’t turn white, pay attention to your feet (the heels especially), your knees & elbows too. You can get an oil based cream or creams for dry skin just for this season or Vaseline or just mix your current cream with oil, like olive oil.
  3.  Also get a good moisturizer/hair cream for your hair, to make it easier to manage this season and to prevent it from getting all dry & flaky.
  4. Take care of your lips, lip balm for guys, lip balm/ lip gloss for ladies.
  5. It’s a good time to invest in scarves, sweaters, socks and shades.
  6. Remember, there’s dust everywhere now, so always rinse your kitchen utensils before use and if you can cover then with a napkin where they are arranged, fine or they are already in the cabinet, protected from the dust, fine too, it’s still advisable to rinse before use.
  7.  Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible to reduce dust, everywhere is cool by the way, the nation’s natural AC has been turned on, lol.
  8. Keep your house and surroundings as clean as possible and plan to do a thorough clean up when the season is over.
  9. Take preventive measures against fire out break this season and have a fire extinguisher at your disposal.
  10. If you have to spread your clothes outside, don’t leave them out all day, so they don’t get dry and start collecting dust.
  11. If you have to go out early in the morning, have a torch-light handy as it’s usually foggy in the mornings.
  12. Be hygiene conscious, there’s cold, sneezing, catarrh, even coughing, in the air, wash your hands regularly and keep a hand cream handy.
  13.  Drink water and eat fruits, a lot.

I hope this helps, got any more hacks or one not listed, kindly share in the comments, thank you.



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