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What will you give Him?


My colleague, Setex  (as he prefers to be addressed ‘on the  internet’), is the  author of this amazing and profound post and he chose to share it through my blog.

Thank you, Setex.

So here guys, my first guest post ever.

It’s Christmas once again, a season of love, basically.

People tend to be more loving and there’s lots of sharing, giving and receiving this season and I’m usually more at the receiving end (lol, don’t judge me).

It’s usually a wonderful time of celebration, packed with activities, folks, drawing up lists of gifts to give and what they’d like to receive, lots of plans, lots of expectations, some easy to meet, others, not so much (the guys planning on gifts for their ladies can attest to that, lol).

At least, everyone is receiving something, right?

Ok, maybe not everyone but almost everyone, yea?

Everyone should though, but wait a minute.

What about Him?

Is He on your list?

I mean the celebrant.

The reason for the season, Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, whom He sent down to redeem you and me.

Any plans for Him?

Picture that, you’ve been invited to the birthday party of a very important personality, of course, you’d get busy, preparing to look your best to the party, wouldn’t you also plan to get the celebrant something they’d appreciate?

So, what will you give Him?

After all, He is the cause for the celebration.

One may say, what does He need?

He owns the whole world, what would He need?

Delivery guys, don’t even go up there, so?

Well, thankfully, we don’t need delivery guys.

We don’t have to go all the way to heaven before we can do nice things for our Jesus, things He will be happy with and proud of.

He’s with us, remember?  He’s near, He’s here.

He hears, He sees, He knows.

So what can you give Him?

Here are some suggestions;

Write Him a love letter or a note of thanks.

Spend some quality time with Him, could be a date, just you and Him.

Make a decision to do better in areas you know He wants you to do better. Forgive that person, because its Jesus’ birthday, let go off the anger & bitterness because it’s Christmas and ’tis the season to be jolly.

Choose to be more loving, more patient, choose to not get offended, choose to be kind, yes, you can make that choice and He’d like that.

Talk to a family member or friend about Him, add bibles to the list of gifts you are giving, make a commitment to winning souls and making heaven rejoice.

Go out of your way to do something nice for someone else with no expectations.

Encourage someone.

Give yourself a break, decide to trust Him more.

How about that?

Isn’t He worth it and more?

It doesn’t even cost much.

So, do it for Him.

As you make plans to celebrate with family and friends, which is very important, remember most importantly, who we are celebrating and make plans to do something special for Him this season.

No Christmas without Christ, He is the reason for the season.

Give Him your best this season.

Merry Christmas!!!

Got more ideas on what we can do for Jesus this Christmas, please share in the comments.


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