Encouragement For Everyone

Dear God, THANK YOU!


I shared this piece in church, during our end of year thanksgiving service, thought to share it here too.

“I’d like to start like David, by saying, bless the Lord, oh my soul,

because God is so amazing, we can’t help but praise Him.

Look how far He has brought us, awesome God.

Only You could have kept us.

January through to December,

You’ve been our defender and in our lives You’re at the center,

causing lines to fall in places, pleasant and proper,

making our ways prosper,

thus, these praises we render.

For Your mercies, oh so tender,

for Your blessings on our ventures and endeavors,

for testimonies on the lips of every member,

Lord, heartfelt praises we render.

In 2016, You’ve been our anchor.

There’s been cause to worry, but You gave us peace,

there’s been cause to fear , but You put our minds at ease,

there are cries of recession but Lord, Your supply of our needs has not ceased.

Oh, You are such a good God and its only because of You, we are coming out of 2016, clean.

Indeed, our God is alive and He’s got our backs, He cares for us, we can depend on Him for our everything, He’s a faithful God, our Healer, I am that I am, just what we need, kind God, loving & merciful Father, our God who is always near, that’s why we call Him Omnipresent, He’s a present help with a quick word, always reaching us in our situations, you can trust Him, He’s unfailing and unchanging, our unconditional lover, Oh, Thou art worthy Lord, and there’s nothing ‘X’ about You, nothing bad, Your promises are Yea & Amen and Lord, Your zeal will perform them.

The alphabets, in that order, do not even begin to describe you.

We can try  in our dialects, that wouldn’t do too.

We can’t praise you enough, we can’t thank you enough.

We declare that You are great.

We proclaim that You do great things and are greatly to be praised.

We are truly grateful,

though sometimes we are forgetful,

that You are faithful,

not only in big things but in little things,

and then in little things, we get fretful,

yet You are merciful

and You remain faithful

and for that we are thankful.

So with a grateful heart,

cheerfully and willfully,

not minding if our bellies are full or not,

with all that we are and all that we have,

which we’ll have not, if You had not given,

we come into Your gates with thanksgiving

and into Your courts with praise,

our hearts filled with rejoicing,

so many songs we wanna raise

but from the bottom of our hearts,

all we really wanna say, is,



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