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Unexpected lessons 101

images6I got some extra sleep this morning. Yay!

It wasn’t business as usual. My office had planned a health fair and the venue we would be using, wasn’t too far from my place.

My office is quite a distance from where I live, so on a normal day,  I set out very early in order not to be late.

My body though, already accustomed to  getting up pretty early, needed to be held back in bed after my alarm rang.

When I finally got up and started getting ready, way later than usual, I kept feeling like I was late, I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t because I wasn’t.

Then I thought, when those people who usually see me going out early, see me this morning, they will probably think that I’m late.

Well, I said, still thinking to myself, they don’t know where I’m going, I know and I know that I’m not late.

Then it occurred to me, this relates to life, you know?

Sometimes, people think or say you are late because you haven’t done certain things or achieved certain things in the time that others may have done those things but they don’t know where you are going, they don’t know your life’s plan, they don’t know God’s plans for your life.

I hear when my neighbor drives out most mornings, usually that’s a sign that I’m running late and I begin to hurry but this morning while I was still forcing myself to get more sleep, I heard them but I simply ignored, we weren’t on the same schedule, its not even  like we are, on other days (I don’t know why I put myself under that pressure).

You can’t and shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone because you probably ain’t going the same way.

It’s not about anyone, what they say or what they think, it’s about you.

It’s your life and it’s in God’s hands.

So, focus on your lane.

Be encouraged.


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