Encouragement For Everyone

What scars are for

Recently, I came across this song, what scars are for by Mandisa, and  I just love it.

It speaks to me, not just because I’ve got acne scars, lol but seriously it’s encouraged and lifted me so much, I thought to share it with you (feel free to share with someone else).

Scars, who hasn’t got one?

Maybe from a physical injury, a surgery, an accident or scars from poor choices, bad decisions, immature actions and reactions, ignorance, disobedience, a loss, a fall, rushing…

Well, we’ve got them because we’ve been there, came through ‘there’ and we are still here.

We survived. Stronger. Wiser. Better.

No much talk, here’s an excerpt from the lyrics;

These scars aren’t pretty
But they’re a part of me
And will not ever fade away
These marks tell a story
Of me down in the valley
And how You reached in with Your grace
And healed me

They remind me of Your faithfulness
And all You brought me through
They teach me that my brokenness
Is something You can use
They show me where I’ve been and
That I’m not there any more
That’s what scars are for…

Erase, rewind
Wish I could every time
The hurt, the pain cuts so deep
But when I’m weak You’re strong
And in Your power I can carry on
And my scars say that You won’t ever leave

Yea, I know, right? You should download it.

Be encouraged. God loves you.




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