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My fair share of cray.

If the story of frogs and prince charming is anything to go by, I (raises right hand) have kissed a few…😊

For the purpose of this article, ‘cray’ will be defined as those guys that just act weird, especially on a first date.

The whole dating episode, boy meets girl scene, trying to get acquainted, perhaps start up something, can either be horrible, comical, dramatic or romantic.Β  Most of mine have been everything but romantic.

I’ve surely had my fair share of cray.

There was this guy,on our first date, after the chat where he didn’t stop talking about his brothers abroad and how he plans to join them, he noticed I only ate my meat pie half way, he went to get a bag from the attendants and packed the meat pie so that we could take it along. Yes,he did.
And when we said our goodbyes, he didn’t hand it over. Lol.
There was one who asked that we go shopping, I agreed. As we strolled through the aisles of the mall,he gave a lecture on every item I considered picking, quizzing on if I really needed it, how useful it would be to me, phew! I ended up getting biscuits and chocolates.
Oh, there was one, our first dateΒ  was more or less an informative session about his ex. (He obviously wasn’t over her yet.) Why rush into something new, when you are still hurting?
One told me on our first meeting, that he has a girlfriend but doesn’t love her anymore and he needs to date someone else to empower him to leave her. Really?! How do you say that to someone you just met?
You shouldn’t let anyone drag you into their ‘its complicated relationship status”.

It’s been said and I agree that “nobody is perfect” but, I believe that there’s someone out there, whose imperfection perfectly compliments ours.
And that someone, is worth waiting for, even though we still have to go onΒ a few dates that may go… you know.😊


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