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Life is not a movie…

Let me start with a story of one time when I watched a movie, then went on and did something crazy and was brought back harshly to reality, lol.
Anyone else seen the movie,”I’m in love with a church girl”? I’m guessing you have. I saw that movie sometime last year, quick summary:
It’s about a Christian girl who falls in love with a one time drug mogul who’s trying to have a better life, she supports him through it, encourages him, loves him… Eventually, he becomes a Christian, they get married andย  live happily ever after.
Not really good at telling or summarizing movies but that’s kind of what happened. ๐Ÿ˜Š
As at the time I watched this movie, there was a young man trying to get with me, he just came in to the country, had so much money for his age (in my opinion) and something just kept telling me there was something shady about him. He had assets here and there and he couldn’t clearly tell me what exactly he was doing for a living that made him a multi-millionaire in his late twenties. And I’ve heard stories of what some people do in that country to make money. I wasn’t judging him though, but there were signs which I started out ignoring.
Did I mention he was talking about marriage? And you know, with all the pressures single sisters be getting from family and friends about marriage, sometimes one is tempted to not check in with God, ignore some signs and jump in. ( Don’t do that, please.)
So as I watched this movie, I thought to myself , “Perhaps, I could do what the lead actress did, I could get with him, love him and he will come to truly love God…”
Aaaand Action! I started acting out the script I wrote in my head.
Well, the drama lasted about one week, lol, yea. I found out he smokes, drinks, didn’t care about purity, didn’t share same values with me, in fact the first date we went on, he and a bunch of friends took me to a place a child of God has no business being… Long story short, I fled.
(Thank you for saving me Lord.)
Ok, about the title, sometimes things we see in movies tends to influence our expectations in real life forgetting that sometimes real life incidentsย  inspired some of these movies and other times its just the writer’s imagination.
It could be a true life story and it would will be told in 2 or 3 hours tops but in reality,it played quite differently.
In a movie, scenes change within minutes. A character may make a decision that will transform his/her life in one scene for example and in the next two, three scenes, you see things falling into place for them.
Life has scenes too but sometimes it takes longer to get to the next scene unlike the movies. You make a decision to start living for God truly, you say goodbye to your old ways and you expect everything to become rosy rosy from then on but it tends to go from one test to the other.
You have a story too. Though you may not see or hear any one around saying “Action! Cut!”, but God is in charge of your life, He’s directing andย  causing everything to work out for your good because He loves you. He has good plans for you to give you an expected end.
Perhaps, you are in a tough scene in your life right now, hold on. Keep acting right (not acting like you are acting a movie but by how you live your life). Keep loving and serving God. Keep trusting God.
It’s just a matter of time before the next scene plays out.
Don’t take matters into your hands like I did after watching that movie (lesson learnt), I still love the movie by the way, whatever scene you find yourself in your life right now, it’s going to lead to another scene and another, that will ultimately lead to a victorious end.
Don’t give up on God, He’ll never give up on you.
God loves you. He cares.
God bless you.โค


10 thoughts on “Life is not a movie…

  1. Hello Sherie, nice one here and God will make your dreams a reality, well sherie i want you to understand one thing about relationship or gidi boys in town now no angel among them and believe me nobody is perfect all human has their badsides and good side if you are looking for a perfect guy no no such a guy all i think you should do is to be more closer to God for directions and he will lead you to that guy that you will be happy with but you have to learn to cope with circumstance,situations and issues in life be free with everything and learn from all that comes your way bcos in this life there will always be ups and downs . What i saw in you maybe you your self dont understand it now but will as time goes on you are a teacher you might ended up being a pastor bcos God is going to use you to touch lifes bcos you are a good symbol a life style ,bcos a lot girls out there will wonder why should a natural beautiful girl like you gone through so much in a relationship they will want to know more about your story and there you come to teach,and lead them to Jesus Christ see you gone through all that bcos you have a purpose to teach others and you cant have a message until you experience some mess . Just remember life is a teacher and also there were lot of people that need to learn from you read your message and need Jesus Christ in their life you are an angel dont let the devil polute you good luck sherie . Kay


  2. wen i first read this write up, twas mary’s tot dat came to my mind, she had reservations for the movie, in all nicee…;). have told you to sha goan a write a book on all this ur write ups

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