Encouragement For Everyone


Have you ever heard someone say something or seen someone do something and you think to yourself, “that’s not very wise”?
The bible talks about godly wisdom meaning there’s earthly wisdom, some people think they act wise but are they doing it God’s way?
Simply put, wisdom, godly wisdom is choosing to do it God’s way, to glorify God in your choices. (By obeying His words and allowing His Spirit to lead you always.)
In making big choices and the not so big choices, from dealing with people you meet daily or at work, to how you shop and what you shop for, to how in spend your time, godly wisdom is beneficial.
Here’s a few characteristics of godly wisdom:
It begins with a holy life.
It’s gentle and reasonable.
It’s accommodating (gets along with others).
It’s merciful.
It’s stable (not hot one day and cold the other).
It’s straight forward (not two faced).
It doesn’t boast that its wise.
It doesn’t twist the truth in order to sound wise.
It doesn’t  try to look better than others.
It’s not mean spirited.
Do you want to be counted wise?
Live well. Live wisely. Live humbly.
It’s the way you live, not the way you talk that counts.
Culled from James 3:13-17 (the message version)


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