Everything Else

I’m learning and I love it.

I’ve always loved to write and read books.

As a child, I read novels but growing up, my choice of books changed to more godly and inspirational books.

I had these books where I wrote down things I like and now I’m learning to pay more attention to writing and getting better at it.

This is the first article, I’m publishing.

Life has taught me alot and one of the greatest things I’ve learnt is that I just keep learning.

You can call me the smart one but there are alot of things I don’t know.

About politics, cars, sports, stock market, you may say, well that’s a man’s business but I don’t know much about makeup or fashion either. Yea.

I’m learning alot about myself, my likes, my dislikes, strengths, weaknesses…

I’m making mistakes, losing and gaining on this path, but I love it and I’m learning to love me better.

I’m learning how much God loves me, how good He is and how He’s got my back and front, and it makes me just want to do more.

It gets uncomfortable at times (you know what school is/was like), but I’m learning to love this learning process.

I’m learning.❀


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